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Wing Chun is a soft internal style of southern Chinese martial art which is highly effective for vibrant health and practical self-defense. Gulao Boxing Association is the premier training studio in the USA offering instruction in two of the rarest...

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Yang Sheng 'Life Nourishing' Qigong is an extremely powerful tool for bringing out ones natural human potential and optimal fitness. Physical health and mental well being are a direct result of the practice. The core of our training is...

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Gulao Boxing Association is dedicated to the practice and promotion of the martial and healing arts of China.

Our studio specializes in Dr. Leung Jan's Pin Sun Wing Chun as taught by the Fung family. We are the USA HQ for Gulao, Heshan Wing Chun. All training in this special style of Gongfu is private and semi private to ensure the highest level of art transmission.

Zhan Zhuang Qigong & Emei Qigong are two of the most effective methods of healing known to humanity. Both of these meditation based systems offer the deepest cultivation with minimal effort.

Results orientated personal training and highly effective wellness programs designed to increase ones physical and mental well-being is the signature of our association.